Project Description

Oisterwijk Proeft


Oisterwijk Proeft (translated: Oisterwijk Tastes) is a food festival in a city in the south part of the Netherlands called, believe it or not, Oisterwijk. The festival revolves around food of course, but there are generous helpings of live music, theatre, art and dance performances.


This was the first edition of the festival so what they really needed was a brand identity. The first briefing stated that I should “not only focus on the food, because we are much more than that. But hey, it’s a food festival so you have to show food”…


In my research I came across an image of a tongue, zoomed in like a hunderd million times. Seeing the tasting buds I had my eureka moment. Let’s visualize the different flavours! And to top it off, let’s throw food on people to mimic going headfirst into the experience.