Project Description

Quiet500 Magazine


Something serious now. The Quote 500 is a magazine about the top 500 wealthiest people in the Netherlands. The Quiet 500 is a ‘parody’ of that and reports on the 500 poorest people in the Netherlands to raise awareness for poverty. Over 50.000 copies have already been printed and are being sold in countless bookstores. On top of that, it is sent to all the rich people covered in the Quote 500 to ask for help.


It is a collaboration of designers, journalists, photographers and printers and I’m proud to say that I was one of them. We wanted make it look like the real Quiet 500. So not just articles but also advertising and the like. We added a few twists because we had to make the reader think. The cover was made of sandpaper and we called it “Quiet 500, the Glossy that Sands”. Of course wass all done pro bono.


We first established a basic grid to work with. When all the articles and photos came in we divided them and all did our own part. During the process we came together a couple of times to finetune the designs. And it worked. We got media coverage throughout the country. Numerous articles have been published and the movement that started because of the magazine is really making a difference.

Quiet500 in the news